Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy June 2, everyone!

June is bringing us many spectacular thunderstorms and lots of heat. The lightning bugs are out! :) It's so beautiful here and I love the people. We've met all sorts here, and I have too many good stories to share. I want to tell you two of my favorites though:

I think I've mentioned that we're working with a couple. The wife has been learning for several months, and just recently her husband agreed to start taking lessons, too. We had a chapel tour with them (we show them the rooms they'll use, especially the chapel, and the baptismal font) on Saturday. She has been extremely ill, and requested a priesthood blessing. It was a very special experience for both of them. She said that she has been wondering if this is the right place to go, and in the blessing she felt like she was home. She knows this is true and was crying tears of joy. We asked her husband what he felt. He said that he felt peace and that he wants it in his home. He wants to keep learning and is preparing to be baptized. Because of her health, she was not able to come to church, but she insisted that he still come. It was a joy to have him there!

A member in Georgia is friends with a woman here in Ohio. They have been good friends for many years, and because of it the friend is starting the lessons. She invited us over to have lunch with her. She asked great questions and it led right into the Restoration. When Sister N shared Joseph Smith's experience, the woman was in tears. She said afterward that she thinks that we need to know that we have a personal relationship with God. It was a very special experience.

I know that we all face hard things. I know that everyone has unique concerns and that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father understand. I know that they both love us beyond what we can comprehend. We have been blessed in different ways because we can help those around us, family, friends, neighbors, strangers, etc. I'm so grateful to be here! Words can't express what I've learned and experienced. I hope that you all have a wonderful week, full of sunshine and flowers as well as thunder and clouds :)

Sister Murdoch

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