Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello, everyone!

This week has flown by like crazy! I have to tell you that yesterday was incredible! President Porter was inspired to change our preparation day to today because of yesterday. As you know, yesterday was Memorial Day. Since families were home from school and work, we were asked to go out to find people. Sister N and I have started a game of sorts: we are trying to talk to as many people as possible when we're outside. I'll be honest - it's absolutely terrifying! I love meeting people and teaching them, but the initial contact is the tricky part. We decided that by making it a game we'll be more successful.

We had lunch at Dairy Queen yesterday. We talked to a few people in line, but that didn't last long. As we were leaving, we saw a family eating their ice cream outside. We stopped to visit with them for a few minutes. Before we parted ways, we explained that we are missionaries and we get to help teach about how our families can be strengthened. They agreed to let us see them this Saturday. Please pray for them! They have 4 kids and I just love them so much!

I have come to appreicate the power of prayer even more in the last week. It's amazing how Heavenly Father loves us! He wants to help and bless us. A woman we're teaching recently said that she is angry with God because of how He has let her experience so much. I know we all get caught up in the trials we have, but think about it - there's no learning in the comfort zone and no comfort in the learning zone. If He didn't allow for us to have hard things happen, we would basically be extremely simple. The trials we have might hurt and stretch us more than we want, but they add a depth to our feelings, to our hearts. I'm grateful for my weaknesses, crazy as it sounds. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who allows me to be scared and unsure. He has blessed me so much and I know that He will bless you as you turn to Him.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to pray!

Sister Murdoch

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