Monday, March 23, 2015

Greetings from Indiana, the land of miracles!
It has been such a crazy, spectacular week! 

Funny story for the week: last Monday we played volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and four square for a few hours. During ultimate Frisbee, I all but tackled Sister Belnap (on accident). Her face gave my arm a beautiful bruise, which is included in the picture :) 

We had interviews and role plays with our mission president and the assistants on Tuesday, which I always love. It's one of my favorite experiences as a Sister training leader because I get to help with the role plays our missionaries do.

Thursday we went to the temple, which was just amazing! It brought a lot of peace for me. The temple is one of my favorite places to be. I learn so much about Heavenly Father's plan for us when I go. I am grateful for the blessings that come from going to the house of the Lord.

We have still had so much opposition here in Indiana. We have been teaching a lot, but no one is progressing right now. We're still working hard, and I have faith in Christ that it will all work out. Heavenly Father has been so good to us.

I sure love being a missionary! I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us and will guide us in all that we do. I love you all! Have a marvelous week!

1 Nephi 9:6
Sister Murdoch

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