Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello, everyone!
Remember how I had asked for prayers for the Christmas conference? I have one of the funniest stories to tell you :)
We were carpooling with some other Sisters in the area, and it is about a two hour drive to the place we had the conference. We asked the Sisters if they had put in the address. They replied that yes, they had. Both Sister Seamons and I wanted to check the address, but decided to trust them instead.
We drove the two hours, and I was getting more anxious the closer we arrived to our destination. Sister Seamons had made a couple comments about how we had passed certain places and it didn't seem right, but the Sisters insisted that we follow the GPS. So we trusted them again.
By the time we reached our destination, we would have been just in time to practice before the conference... but the wrong address was in the GPS! It turns out that we went into the Indianapolis mission... two hours away. (For the record, I like the Cincinnati mission better!) We missed all of the musical pieces and arrived at the conference just before lunch, which is definitely one of the best parts ;)
Haha! I had worried all week about the songs. I practiced several times a day and dreamed about them, too. I'll be honest: at first I was really frustrated. I wondered why we had trusted them so much and thought that we should have done things differently.
Then the Spirit asked me, "How do you want these Sisters to remember this experience?" After that thought, it was much easier to laugh. We took pictures and recorded the event so that we'll never forget it.
I learned several important things, and I want to share two of them with you:
1 - It's important in the moment, sometimes even critical, to respond properly. Your reaction makes all of the difference in somebody else's life.
2 - We need to always be checking ourselves on what our destination is. If we have the wrong address, then we need to change it.
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior when we're on the right path and fighting to stay on or on the wrong path trying to find the right one. I love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Sister Murdoch

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