Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday :)

We are so excited for General Conference this weekend! Did you know that we have a prophet today? Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gave us a prophet to help our families through the trials we have today. I know that Thomas Monson is the Lord's prophet.

Yesterday one family that we've been teaching came to church. Yay! We thought that the dad wouldn't be able to come, but miraculously at the last minute he did. I cried as I watched that beautiful family take the sacrament. The Atonement is for everyone and brings us peace. We access it completely by being baptized by the priesthood and then keeping our promise to obey and follow Jesus Christ.

I love the gospel! The word gospel means "good news," and It truly is the "good news" we have today. Jesus Christ is our Savior. He saves us every day. I love Him and I love you. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Murdoch

P.S. I'm sending a couple pictures because my little Elder Murdoch is putting me to shame ;)
I don't know the order, but one of them is the view over a pond we biked past this morning, one of them is what Sister P and I look like after a long bike ride, and one of them is Captain America and me showing our muscles :) 
You'll be impressed to know that Sister P and I went about 44 miles on our bikes last week. *cue theme song from Rocky*

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