Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello, everyone! Happy October :)

I have so much to say, but no time to say it. I just want to let everyone know that I'm grateful for your prayers. The man we've been teaching now knows that President Monson is a prophet, so he will be getting baptized this week. Pictures next time!

I know that we are so blessed to receive guidance from Heavenly Father. Sister P and I have been led to places just for one person, and it is amazing how He knows where we need to be. He loves each of us so much and will always answer our prayers.

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Murdoch

Leadership Training Conference at the Mission Home

From Mom's letter: Oh wow. Being on the council is one of my favorite things ever! When Elders are called to be zone leaders and Sisters to be sister training leaders, every month we go to the mission home and have a meeting. Driving from Fort Wayne to Cincinnati takes about 3-4 hours, so we kind of have a 3 day event if we stop somewhere to spend the night with other Sisters. It's a party :) I have learned so much and received a lot of revelation in those meetings, and so I am humbled and grateful to be there with the cream of the OCM.

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