Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello, everyone! Happy (late) Independence Day!

We had an amazing week! It was full of miracles and wonderful experiences. On the 4th, our zone went to a huge event called Americana, which is like a large fair that covers several blocks. We drew the plan of salvation in chalk on one of the parking lots. As people walked by, we would walk them through the plan, testify of it, and give cards or pamphlets. Several families want to learn more. It was so much fun! I'm not an artist, but I do have a testimony of Heavenly Father's plan. It is designed to make us happy and to be with our families forever. I know that we all have the opportunity to accept and follow this plan. It is the whole purpose of life. Have questions about it? Ask the missionaries, they can help you! is helpful, too :)

Twice during the week we had just a few minutes before we needed to go in for the night. Both times we stayed out, and both times Heavenly Father let us meet people who have been so prepared to learn about the gospel. It really strengthened my testimony of obedience. When we obey the commandments Heavenly Father gives us, we are blessed. It's a simple and powerful truth. I know that He gives us those rules because He loves us and wants us to be happy.

Sister A is a fantastic missionary! We have both grown so much this last week. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. I'm so blessed to be serving in Miamisburg with her. I know that Heavenly Father is involved in the details of our lives and loves all of us. 1 Nephi 11:17
I wish you all a week as special and fantastic as the one we'll have here!

Sister Murdoch

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  1. God speed sister M. Sounds like you are doing great. Blessings come as a result of obedience I testify too.