Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday, everybody!

For the first time I have some unique news: I am not getting transferred this time! I feel like I have a ton of free time today now that I don't have to pack :) I was really certain that I was leaving, but Heavenly Father has a different idea. I'm glad. I feel like I still have a lot to do here. And being with Sister W makes me so happy! She and I have been through a LOT of hard and wonderful experiences. I'm excited to see what adventures and trials we'll face in the next six weeks!

This week we started teaching a woman who has been so prepared to hear from us. She used to think that Mormons were a cult, but when we knocked on her door, she immediately knew that it wasn't true. She has loved everything that she's learned and finds a lot of peace and joy with the truth she's finding. Some things have never occurred to her, but she said that it all makes sense. She's a sweetheart and we love her so much!

I loved the women's conference on Saturday! What I walked away with from that meeting was very special. We are supposed to be united and to serve each other. I also left with greater love for my mother and grandmothers. I know that I have been extremely blessed to be part of my family. I want everyone to know that I have such a spectacular family!!!

Mosiah 24:14 We're given trials to be witnesses of God. I know that He loves us. Wishing everyone a happy spring! Be grateful that I'm not home for April Fool's Day :D Have a wonderful week!

Sister Murdoch

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