Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello, everyone!

This is the first time in a year that I will stay in one place longer than three months :D That's right, I'm staying in Fort Wayne! Whoo! I'm sure going to miss Sister Parker, but I'm grateful for the fun and growth we've had together.

We went to the Columbus temple last week. I am forever grateful for the experience I had there. I know that it is the house of the Lord. Through His power families can be together forever.

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that everything we experience is for our improvement and change for the better. I love our Heavenly Father and know that He watches over us. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Thomas Monson is the prophet on earth today.

My time for emailing is up. We're going to go carve pumpkins and eat Halloween candy as a zone now. Happy Monday! I love you!

Sister Murdoch

P.S. I have loved having a ginger for a companion :D

Sister Parker has changed my life in so many ways!

 At the Columbus Temple

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