Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello, everyone!
Sorry I forgot to warn you that I actually have my preparation day today.
We had an amazing Sisters conference in Englewood, OH yesterday. All of the Sisters (about 94 of us) were there. We as STLs had the opportunity to train the Sisters and have some fun, too. Sister Porter will probably have pictures on Facebook soon :) I love being able to teach and learn from each of the Sisters. It was such a special experience for me!
Brother F was indeed baptized this weekend :) I wish I could show you a before and after picture, comparing the first time we met him and where he is now. It literally is night and day, like the prophet Moroni wrote in Moroni 7. He is so happy and looking forward to receiving the priesthood.
My family and friends, Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves us so much! Heavenly Father loves us, too. He sent me a protector this week when the adversary tried to harm my spirit. I am a witness of the love of our Father. He will always provide a way for us to be happy and we only have to accept it and use it; it's called the Atonement. When we are baptized by His authority we receive full access to the Atonement. I know this because I've seen it.

I love you all and wish you a happy week full of colorful leaves and rain!
Sister Murdoch
                                        Me, Sister P, Brother F, Brother K
Vegas Waffle for breakfast! (ice cream, strawberries, whip cream, and maple syrup) You'd better believe I ate every bite :)

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