Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello, everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. I know I did :)
I have some remarkable news: Sister W and I are being doubled out. We were doubled in three months ago, so hopefully we improved things in the time we spent here. I'm grateful for the time we've had here in Loveland, OH. Sister W has changed my life in many ways, so it's going to be hard to say goodbye. Companions are the best!
We had another media split day on Saturday. If you check out the Ohio Cincinnati Mission facebook page you'll probably see pictures of us doing a variety of activities that missionaries do. It was fun, rain and shine. It's amazing how much I've come to love the people here. It's hard to imagine going somewhere else, but I'm happy to go where I'm needed.
Life is wonderful! It's full of trials, growth, change, and joy. I am experiencing these things daily and I have come to appreciate how each of them mold me into a better me. Sometimes I imagine myself as a ball of clay, being pulled and shaped. Sometimes I start hardening at the wrong time or place, then I get shaped differently. When I'm hard it hurts, but when I'm willing to be shaped the changes are welcome and more wonderful.
I love you all and wish you a week full of sunshine and rain and happiness!

Sister Murdoch

                                                            Skyping on Mother's Day!

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