Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello, everyone! Happy Groundhog Day! I don't know what Phil says, but we got a foot of snow yesterday, so I'm predicting six more weeks of winter :)

We spent a lot of time yesterday shoveling snow, which helped us find some new friends to teach. One woman talked to us for about 15 minutes about all sorts of interesting things that we apparently believe. We tried explaining to her that she must have met someone else, but she kept talking. When she took a breath, we told her that we're LDS missionaries. She said, "Oh! I'm sorry, I thought you were Jehovah's Witnesses! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" :) Haha She's great! She's coming for a church tour this week and she's excited to learn more.

The Gonzalez family is getting baptized this week! Hooray! They are so thrilled and I am so grateful to be part of their lives. This is the first time I've seen a whole family come this far. It makes me happier than anything I can imagine. I love them all so much! They want to have another snowball fight, too :)

Miracles happen! I witness them everyday. I know that Heavenly Father loves and wants to bless us as much as He can. I'm grateful for His Son, Jesus Christ, and for the restored gospel. I testify that it is only through Christ that we can be saved. He saves me everyday.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week, whether it brings snow or sunshine!
Sister Murdoch

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