Monday, January 20, 2014

This week has been SO wonderful and crazy! I have to do bullet points because I have to go soon.

~ We met a few people that are just ready for the gospel. We have done a lot of reactivating, so we expect part member families to be sealed in about 1 year. :)

~ The gospel is about changing hearts, not habits.

~ Heart attacking doors is pretty much the best adrenaline rush.

~ A 13 year old girl is going to get baptized this Saturday (more prayers, please!) and a woman who's husband is less active is getting baptized on Feb 15.

~ Our Elders are pretty much the best! The priesthood is awesome! Sister Syndergaard showed Alma 17:18 to me and we love it!

~ Check out the great Ohio Cincinnati Mission facebook page for the media split day we had! Share pictures, videos, etc that you like.

~ The church is true and I have to go!

Have an awesome week!
Sister Murdoch

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