Monday, January 13, 2014

2nd Area

Hello, everyone! This last week has been full of lots of changes. Life goes on in Little Miami, but I am now in Cherry Grove, OH. I love it here already! I miss the people in my last area, but I know that I'm needed here, and I can already see what my experiences in LM will help me do here. The ward is fantastic and keeping us busy. Our Bishop here even served with Dana McCurdy, so that's pretty awesome. :) Sister S is my new companion. She's from Roosevelt, UT and super amazing. She has taught me SO much already. I can already tell that we're going to have a wonderful transfer.

Since I haven't met many people here, I don't have a lot of stories. However, I do request that you'll send a special prayer to the investigators here. One in particular is near rock bottom in a way I can't understand. I want to help this investigator understand the Atonement. That's really all I can do.

I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that because of Him we can change and become better than we even hope to be. That's why I came here - I have a witness and I want to help others experience what I know to be true. I have seen broken people fill the crevasses of their torn hearts with the love of God. That changes them and strengthens my knowledge of the Atonement.

Thank you for the prayers you have already offered. I can see them helping me and others. I am glad to be here and I'll write more later. Have a fantastic week!

Sister Murdoch

Oops! I forgot something - Sister S and I were doubled in, which means we both came from different areas. Since neither one of us has been here before, the miracles are all the greater. We love it here!

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  1. She also forgot to give us a new address. I'll get it next week!